The 3DS Just Had Its Biggest Week in Japan Ever

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During the Nintendo 3DS's launch week, the portable sold 371,326 units in Japan. When Nintendo slashed the priced, the portable sold 214,821 units in Japan. What about when Monster Hunter 3G was released?


During that week, 378,114 units were sold. This comes hot off the heels of Mario Kart 7's and Super Mario 3D Land's release. This bumps the 3DS total sales in Japan to over three million.

As Totilo's own data indicated, the 3DS is a flop no more.


ニンテンドー3DSの累計販売台数は300万台突破 [ファミ通]

(Top photo: Koji Sasahara | AP)

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I'm really happy to see this, and everyone else should be too. Nobody likes to see a system fail because lots of people spend money on these things and the more people buy them, the more games are greenlit for them. This is going to be a huge December for the 3DS, particularly in the west where there's no Vita to compete with it.

Whether you like Nintendo or not, the price cut and the release of Super Mario 3D Land and Mario Kart 7 on 3DS have made for a huge turnaround in the system's fortunes and it seems like a proper challenger now, the typical "meh I'll wait for the apparently inevitable update then never buy it when it's released anyway" brigade notwithstanding.