The 3D Castlevania You Always Wanted is in Minecraft

Konami came close to a satisfying 3D Castlevania experience with Lord of Shadows, it was missing a certain something. Something that Nick "Nario" Hagman found in Minecraft by recreating the entire original game, block-by-block.

Nick spent more than 100 hours over the course of 37 days putting Dracula's castle together in Minecraft, painstakingly placing every block, every candle, and even tossing in a few block-based boss monsters for good measure. If Minecraft allowed for the creation of custom creatures it would be absolutely perfect.


As it stands it's a glorious monument to the passion many of us feel for those primitive games of yore.

Best of all, you can download the world and a Simon Belmont character skin and play along at home. What are you waiting for? Pick it! Pick it good!

Castlevania... IN MINECRAFT!!! [YouTube via PCWorld]

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