The 2DS Gets a Price Cut and Will Cost $79.99

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Today, Nintendo announced that starting May 20, the 2DS will be officially priced at $79.99.

Previously, the handheld was listed at a suggested retail price of $99.99. Though, Walmart has been selling the 2DS at a discount.

The Nintendo 2DS originally launched in October 2013 and is shaped like a thin slice of cake. Mmmm cake.

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Does anyone with young kids think a 2DS is usable/appropriate for a 5 year old? For reference, my nephew has his own Fire tablet and plays games on it constantly. He can use a smart phone well enough to make a phone call to his grandmother.

I think this would be a cool entry point for him into “real” games, but seeing as I personally don’t have kids I’m not sure if it’s worth it/makes sense.

Any tips are appreciated. Thanks.