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The 28th Golden Joystick Awards Need Your Help

Illustration for article titled The 28th Golden Joystick Awards Need Your Help

Voting is now open for the 28th annual Golden Joystick Awards, giving us until May 27 to make sure the unreleased Powerpuff Girls Snowboarding iPhone App makes it onto the shortlist for Ultimate Game of the Year.


The Golden Joystick Awards are the longest running video game awards, and they are powered by gamers' votes, so I see no reason why we can't all band together to make sure a completely ridiculous title finds a spot on the shortlist. I mean hell, they have sixteen different categories for you to vote in, no reason why they should all be serious, right?

And who's to say Powerpuff Girls Snowboarding isn't the Ultimate Game of the Year? It's not even out yet, so it could very well be the ultimate gaming experience.


Fine, vote however you'd like, but I'm using my voting power to back the power of the puff. It's the right thing to do, possibly.

The People's Gaming Awards [28th Annual Golden Joysticks]

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Am I the only adult straight male reading Kotaku who is willing to profess his love for "The Powerpuff Girls"? Probably, but I don't care. I loved that show. I loved the characters. I loved "Meat the Beat-Alls", one of my favorite single episodes of any television show ever. I call my dog "Bubbles" because he's got an adorable smile and is always happy whenever you walk in the door.

Long story short, "The Powerpuff Girls" was an awesome show. With that said, you couldn't pay me to play "Relish Rampage" or any other game based on the show (that's the only one whose title I can remember, but I'm sure there were others).