Randy Moss's superhuman grab in Week Two against the Jets - and lockdown cornerback Darrelle Revis - boosted his "spectacular catch" rating in Madden NFL 11 to 100, the first time since 2008 any player's hit that score.


Moss's perfect 100 is included in the latest roster update, which is now live on both console services.

Moss made a one-handed touchdown grab over Revis, regarded as the game's best pass defender, just before halftime on Sunday. EA Sports' Donny Moore, the Madden "Ratings Czar," told ESPN's Jon Robinson that he justified the 100 mark after seeing a segment on ESPN that broke down the physics of the catch and the difficulty of stopping a football, thrown at 45 mph, one-handed.


Other performers who had received attribute ratings of 100 in previous Madden titles include Reggie Bush (agility), Tom Brady (awareness), Peyton Manning (awareness), Sebastian Janikowski (kick power) and Braylon Edwards (spectacular catch). Moss also once had a 100 rating for jumping.

This year, Moss already was rated a 99 in Spectacular Catch, so the boost is mostly honorific. " It's just one of those plays that everyone saw, and it's the very definition of spectacular catch, so we thought it warranted the perfect rating," Moore told ESPN.

"There were a lot of people who wanted us to ship the game with [Titans running back] Chris Johnson at 100 speed, but he is already so darn good in the game. We want to reserve these 100 ratings for special moments where a player goes above and beyond to earn the rating."

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