That's Right, Warren Ellis Worked On Dead Space

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Thought Dead Space sounded neat? The game sounds a whole lot neater. British author Warren Ellis (Transmetropolitan, Crooked Little Vein) has revealed in his mailing list that he's done some work on the space survival horror title. Writes Ellis:

Oh, I got released from an NDA the other day, so I can finally say that I wrote a bunch of the groundwork, backstory and structure on the forthcoming EA videogame DEAD SPACE, which recently got a comic prequel from the hands of Antony Johnston and Ben Templesmith. I believe there was at least one other writer on the project, but I'm sure there's some of me in there somewhere.

Very good! Dead Space just got that more interesting. Thanks Austin for the tip!

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Care to explain that one? You say Ellis desecrated Whedon's X-Men series (implying it's a bad thing), whilst saying it's the only worthwhile thing he's done recently (implying it's a good thing). And he did it in a single issue at that?

I love Whedon's work, but from the three arcs of it that I've read, his X-Men run was way below par — if anything, he (as a result of some questionable editorial decisions?) desecrated Grant Morrison's outstanding run.

Can't complain about the Jeph Loeb comments though... I love The Long Halloween and Dark Victory with only minor reservations, but from everything else I've read of his, I gotta assume that was a monkeys-with-typewriters situation.

Back on topic, Ellis on this is a very positive thing... if only because his turn of phrase should make for some truly excellent cut-scenes.