Indie Dev Co-opts Kate Upton's Infamous Carl's Jr. Ad

Independent mobile developer Tom Young couldn’t afford a big budget Kate Upton commercial like the Game of War: Fire Age folks for his puzzle game, so he just took Carl’s Jr.’s ad instead. The results are wonderfully bizarre.

Instead of suggestively devouring a Southwest Patty Melt, now Upton is consuming the adorable little creatures from Shuffle Island, a free-to-play puzzle game for iOS and Android.

Here’s the original ad for comparison:

I’d say substituting colorful digital monsters for a calorie-oozing, mouth-burning junkburger is a definite improvement.


How’d the idea come about? Tom tells us, “A friend and I were having some drinks the other night and he said to me ‘Tom, it’s a shame you don’t have the money to get Kate Upton in an ad for your games, like those Game Of War guys do’. Luckily, after a few more drinks, we came up with a solution to this problem.”

Enjoy the “remixed” commercial while you can—odds of somebody somewhere getting upset about this are “yes.”

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Butter. Bread.

Thank God for Kate Upton in today’s hyper-liberal, be-offended-at-everything society, to remind us that sometimes nothing makes us feel more human than the simplicity of a throbbing boner.