That Time Space Ghost Gave Peter Molyneux Shit At E3

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Thanks to Frank Cifaldi for pointing this out: there’s an archive online of a series of videos made for Gametap (ask your parents), in which Adult Swim’s Space Ghost interviews a bunch of people at E3, like Peter Molyneux, Bethesda’s Todd Howard and Peter Moore.


Howard’s “we make power fantasies for adolescent males” might be the realest thing anyone has ever said at E3.




This might be the most “mid-2000s E3" set of videos in existence. Oh, wait...apart from these:


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For the love of all that is good in the world — bring back Space Ghost. Give me a Eric Andre cross over. I know we just lost C. Martin Croker which is a real shame, but we can do the show without Zorak and Moltar in a tasteful way. There is just so much of my sense of humor that I owe to that show. I would kickstart or patrion or whatever you want to call it. Just give that sweet honey voiced man a show again.