That Still Ain't Right, YouTube

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Back in December the YouTube ContentID fiasco was punctuated by a copyright claim against indie developer Terry Cavanagh on a trailer for his game VVVVVV. Cavanagh disputed the claim. Here's YouTube's resolution.

Ridiculous on top of ridiculous with some ridiculous on the side, via Twitter. At this point he should probably just give up, maybe upload the trailer with him humming indistinctly in the background.

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Detective Plunkett

So, I take it that Cavanagh, or his studio, legally own all the rights to the music in VVVVVV.

Since Indmusic now has YouTube's authority to profit off of Cavanagh's IP, that he entirely owns (as opposed to Let's Play videos by non-devs, and such), YouTube (Google) is now allowing copy written material to be stolen, and profited off of by another person who has no legal rights to it.

Sounds like grounds for a lawsuit to me. May be a good idea, as it may get this bullshit sorted out.