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That’s Not Right…

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
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Screenshot: ReversedWindow (Fair Use)

Flight Simulator pilots discovered a trippy glitch over the weekend that causes the earth to open up and warp space-time like a black hole.

The glitch is located in Brazil, around the coordinates 6°02'19.9"S 36°27'17.1"W. Things look normal at first as players pull off the rugged, country airstrip, but immediately ahead is a vortex of doom waiting to guide them out of 2020 and hopefully into one of the many better alternative universes out there. Reddit user ReversedWindow posted a clip in which they try to fly head-on into the mind-bending abyss, only for the things to get wonky as they reach its buggy event horizon. Naturally, someone re-edited the video to splice in the ending of Interstellar.

Gif: ReversedWindow (Fair Use)

After the post blew up, others started venturing out in search of the glitch. Taking off from the unlisted Lagoa Nova Airport (SBLG) airport in the nimble DA40 Diamond Star light aircraft, one player named Larry Kyrala was able to survey the anomaly from above. It’s stunning and haunting, like a modern day Siren. Even now I can’t look away.

It’s not entirely clear what’s causing the glitch, but some players speculate that it’s related to a miscalculation of elevation in that area. “It seems that the local terrain is around 12000 ft, but SBLG may not have proper field elevation data available, so for whatever reason the field elevation appears to be much lower (2690 ft) than the actual ground, which results in this odd anomaly,” Kyrala wrote on YouTube in a video of his voyage.


Hopefully Microsoft doesn’t get around to fixing it any time soon.