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That Game Where You Play As A Momma Badger Looks Gorgeous

I can't say I've ever wanted to play as a badger, but the more I see of Shelter—the game where you play as a mother badger protecting her litter—the more I want to.


Here's some early footage, which shows gameplay elements like food hunting, as well as showcase some of the dangers players can expect while playing. But, more importantly, we get a closer look at the beauty of the game. It's difficult not to look at everything in Shelter with a sense of wonder when it features visuals like that.


Shelter releases on PC and Mac sometime in 2013.

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That's pretty neat. There really aren't a lot of games that focus on motherhood, and even less that allow a giant bird to swoop down and tear away one of the most precious things in your life, leaving you cursing the gods that have forsaken you and your children.