That Final Fantasy Music Game Is Coming To The U.S.

Illustration for article titled That emFinal Fantasy/em Music Game Is Coming To The U.S.

The bizarrely titled Theatrhythm Final Fantasy will make its way to North America for Nintendo 3DS this summer, publisher Square Enix said today.

For the uninitiated, Theatrhythm Final Fantasy is a rhythm game not unlike Elite Beat Agents or Guitar Hero. You'll tap the touchscreen to the electric beat of Final Fantasy, rocking out to tunes from every installment of the role-playing series.

This is the type of game that would only work for a series like Final Fantasy. Square Enix's behemoth RPGs come packaged with some fantastic music, the type you won't mind rocking out to on your daily commute. Ridiculous title aside, I'm pretty excited for this game.


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Are they killing this poor Behemoth with dubstep? :(