You guys all remember The FP, right? A ridiculous, campy sports/action/post-apocalyptic movie centering around gang wars fought with Dance Dance Revolution?

Well now, it's got its own video game. Which seems like some sort of full-circle-type-thing—the movie about playing a game now has a game that is mostly about promoting the movie.

The free game, which is… not particularly good but very goofy, centers around an 8-bit-erized recreation of Beat Beat Revelation, the DDR-style game from the film. As touch-screen rhythm games go, it is very, very unsatisfying. But as goofy free tie-in games go, it is probably worth downloading.

The FP itself will be out on DVD, Blu-Ray and digital download from Drafthouse Films on June 19th.


And now, because it never gets old, let's watch the opening sequence from the movie, in which a guy gets beaten so hard at Dance Dance Revolution that he dies from it:

Wow. It never gets old.

The FP [App Store]