Thanks To Demon Slayer, Fans In Japan Rush To Donate Blood

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Photo: KAZUHIRO NOGI/AFP via Getty Images (Getty Images)

In Tokushima, the Red Cross featured Demon Slayer characters on blood drive posters. Sign up and give, and the prefecture would give out one of those posters as a present. Fans were more than happy to oblige.


According to Livedoor News, in April, 464 people donated, reaching 77 percent of the prefecture’s target. In the past five years, the prefecture would reach at least 80 percent during slow months, but with covid-19 and people staying at home, blood drives have been hard.

But this month, the number of people donating jumped to 1,701, which is a massive increase. (Note that Machi Asobi, an annual anime and manga event in the prefecture that’s been canceled this year, also encouraged people to donate blood.) This shouldn’t be surprising: Demon Slayer has been a massive hit, both as a manga and as an anime.

Previously, back in 2019, before Demon Slayer took over the world, the characters also appeared in previous blood drive promotion posters.

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