To: Crecente From: Bashcraft Whew! Back from the Arcade Mania book launch in Tokyo. Had a great party in Ikebukuro and really appreciate Jean Snow's arranging all that. Also, many thanks to everyone who showed up. Really had a great time chatting with everyone and wish that the time didn't fly by so quickly. And big thanks to those who were kind enough to chit-chat with my wife and kid — I was worried that they'd get bored! But they were far from it. Kudos to Kotaku readers for being such welcoming, classy and good people. We all have great memories of the evening. On Sunday, we visited Tokyo Tower, and man, I don't know about you, but I get major vertigo looking out my seven story apartment. Thought I was going to pass out while taking the elevator to the Tokyo Tower observation deck. Took the train back late Sunday, wife made it through the Tokyo trip in fairly good shape, but brought her health insurance card just in case, you know, she went into labor on the bullet train or something. As you might have gathered, she did not. Thank gawd. What you missed last night Nintendo On That New DS Rumor... Rock Band 1 To Be Manufactured "Indefinitely", Songs Won't Ever Be Offered As DLC Soulja Boy Keen On Making Video Games "300" Director Signs With EA

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