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To: Crecente From: Ashcraft RE: Beware the Dairy Goblin After using my wife's computer for a week plus (making the wheels squeak and strain), I will be getting my MacBook Pro tomorrow from the Apple Store in Shinsaibashi. It was supposed to take only a seven days, but has dragged on much longer. Earlier in the week, Apple called me to say they'd need it for another week for more fixin' fun. Told the fella that I used that MBP for work and would very much appreciate it if they could get it back asap. The store called me tonight saying I could pick it up, which I shall do tomorrow morning! Kinda worried, you know? Cause like the guy said they needed it for another week — and they didn't have it for another week. And now it's all fixed? Just like that? Probably just me being paranoid. What you missed last night Microsoft Comments On LIVE Bannings Does Installing A Game To The 360's HDD Really Help Improve Load Times? How Left 4 Dead Gets That Horrific Zombie Apocalypse Look QWOP: Why Rag Dolls Will Never Take Home The Gold Nintendo Sued For Patent Infringement (Yes, Again) Blizzard Bans 350,000 Dirty, Cheating Battle.netters


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