TF2 Update: Demoman Goes All Christopher Lambert (And A New Comic!)

Team Fortress 2's "WAR" update continues, with today's addition to the game being a couple of new in-game items for the Demoman.


They're part of the "Close Combat Kit", which arms the Demoman with a sword and shield. The sword - "The Eyelander" - is a guaranteed decapitation if you score a kill, however equipping it will give you a decreased maximum health. Oh, and it's haunted.

The shield, meanwhile, is called "The Chargin' Targe", and if equipped replaces the sticky bomb launcher. As a shield with a giant spike sticking out the end, it provides not only increased protection against fire (+50%) and blast (+65%) damage, but can also be used as a stabbing weapon. Oh, and it also increases your chances of landing a critical hit when using a melee attack. So it's rather handy.

Finally, those looking for an update in the battle between Soldier and Demoman should know that the Soldier is slightly ahead.

Got all that? Great. Now kick back and enjoy a new TF2 comic.

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