TF2 Spy Crab Calendar Out Now

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Hey, 2009's almost upon us, and TF2Newbs has put out a 12-month zipfile of spies doing the crab walk in Team Fortress 2. My favorite is August, which captures this conversation between Nfreak (the calendar's creator) and his cohorts:

{OSS} |CiC| Andy <3 amvalvo: Nfreak, turn around Bob Dole's Woodlen Critters >:3: We're trying to do a spycrab calendar Bob Dole's Woodlen Critters >:3: SS {OSS} |CiC| Andy <3 amvalvo: Bob, keep walking back and forth


TF2Newbs promises to donate $1 to the National Spy Crab Fund for every download. (/rushes to establish National Spy Crab Fund). Rare Endangered Spy Crab 2009 Calendar [TF2Newbs]

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First off, WTF? Secondly, do they take credit cards?