TF2 Players Spend Nearly Half A Million Dollars On...Hats

Illustration for article titled emTF2/em Players Spend Nearly Half A Million Dollars On...Hats

To help the victims of the recent earthquake and tsunami in Japan, Team Fortress 2 developers Valve had a little hat sale. It started well. And has ended even better.


A total of $430,543.65 was raised by Team Fortress 2 players spending a bit of cash on some hats for their characters, which either says a lot about the size of TF2's player base, a lot about the appeal of hats or a lot about both.


There's also a lesson in this: developers, if you want PC gamers to stop pirating things and start spending money, don't sell them games. Sell them hats.

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Fernando Jorge

I'm still to understand what people have against hats, buying them or mann co. store.

The only complaint I heard so far that made sense is that some of these extra hat 3D models were added to the game slooppily and it might slow the game for someone who doesn't have a good computer.

Other than that, I don't understand why people are so jaded. You can still get items for free or just make them, hats don't do anything to the game, new items are made with a disavantage and you can still succeed with a character using standard items.

Sometimes I get the impression that people dislike it because Valve is making tons of money out of it or because it seems like they sold out. These cases, I think people are confusing things. Valve was always doing things for money and Valve and their fan base were not buddies, they were trade partners.

While I have never bought any items on TF2, I won't say players who buy these things are suckers or that they are being duped. I don't have the pretention to tell people how to spend their own money.