Tetris Lessons Available, 2 Hours for $40

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Shawn Elliott (2K Boston) tweeted this this past week. Some wit up in Vancouver is offering Tetris lessons "at affordable rates," one of those things the un- or underemployed will now rush out to imitate.


According to the Craigslist poster (and if it gets flagged and removed, you may read it here and here) the "patient and nonjudgmental coach" will give you 90 minutes of Tetris fundamentals for $30, half of which will be spent watching him play. However, you will have "gained the confidence to play Tetris by yourself or against friends, strangers, and family members."

If you're an advanced student, or feel like delving a little more deeply into Tetris theory, he offers a two-hour "Intermediate Tetris" for $40 to $55. This involves all of the above modules but includes getting liquored up. The advertisement said the fee includes "provision of batteries" (so I assume this is on a GameBoy?) and "light refreshments," so I guess the booze is on him.


I'm now considering one upping this guy and offering a Madden 09 fantasy camp - creating my clients as players in the NFL and then guiding them through a few frivolous exhibition games against other fantasy camp players. Or maybe opening an "open-world crime getaway driving school." We've gotta make money somehow, it's not like the man is getting around to hiring lots of people any time soon.

Tetris Lessons Offered at Affordable Rates [Craigslist]

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Make a living off that.