Terror Suspect Chooses Prison after Wii Confiscated

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Crecente rocked the Bird Shirt in his new passport photo, which just screams "body cavity search." He might reconsider dressing like a terror suspect, after Canada confiscated a Wii belonging to one.


Mohamed Zeki Mahjoub is an Egyptian who got political asylum in Canada, then was imprisoned as a terror suspect for his close ties to Osama bin Laden's business, and other unsavory folks. After six-and-a-half years in "Guantanamo North," he got his release, but a judge imposed some strict requirements on him, still finding him to be a risk to Canadian national security.

Among them - no Internet access. Since the Wii has a connection and a browser onboard, bye-bye Mario Kart! The authorities confiscated the console (and, I guess, the games, because if you can build Smash Bros. Brawl levels to propose marriage, you can probably use them to send terroristic threats and stuff.)


Mahjoub says that, along with other onerous conditions of his release, have destroyed his family life, so he's asked to be returned to the prison Canada set up in Ottawa to house terror suspects. Hell, if the gummint pried my Internet and my games from my warm, living hands, I'd probably see no difference between prison and sitting on my ass at home, either.

Oh, in case you're wondering, Mahjoub can't be deported because of the potential for being tortured by other governments.

Wanting a Room at Guantanamo North [Toronto Globe and Mail via Nintendo Everything]

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