Previously we've translated a report about a young woman in China threatening suicide after receiving a fake iPhone—well now, there's a young Chinese man in Hangzhou, Zhejiang province, threatening to commit suicide over video game equipment.

Late last month, 19 year-old Zhou (same surname as me!) wanted to buy a set of equipment for an online game he was playing worth 6000 yuan ($960), but because he didn't have the money, he asked his father for it. His father, a public sanitation worker who only makes about $320 a month, was unable to meet Zhou's demands.

According to People's Daily, after his father had turned him down, young Zhou threatened to commit suicide. He climbed onto a second story platform above his family's home and threatened to jump, saying he wouldn't come down until 6000 yuan was presented to him. After some ruckus, neighbors and the police both arrived on the scene to attempt to calm Zhou down. He was reported to have shouted "You don't give me money, I'm not coming down from here today!"


According to the public security bureau of Hangzhou, Zhou's mother left him and his father when he was very young. Zhou Senior worked long hours to raise his son. Zhou junior supposedly spent most of his time playing video games and online games. People's Daily reports that he borrowed money from friends, family, and strangers to play online games and to buy in-game equipment.

Scared that his son would do something stupid, the elder Zhou managed to grab about 2000 yuan and presented it to his son. Looking at the money, Zhou junior said it wasn't enough for him—he said he wanted 6000. Looking out for the safety of the young man, public security, firefighters and neighbors gathered an additional 4000 yuan and gave it to his father. Upon seeing the 6000 yuan that he had "asked" for, Zhou finally agreed to climb down.


Once on the ground, Zhou junior took the cash from his father and attempted to leave the scene. The police and locals were reportedly flabbergasted by Zhou's indifference to his father's plight and the severity of his actions.

It is unreported what happened to Zhou after he attempted to leave with the money, but I hope someone slapped some sense into him. His father makes 2000 yuan a month... 2000 a month!


90后少年为买游戏装备 竟对环卫工老父以死相逼 [People's Daily]

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