Young Woman Attempts Suicide After Receiving Fake iPhone

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Over the weekend in southwest China's Sichuan province, a young woman in her 20s threatened to jump off an apartment building, supposedly because her boyfriend "lied to her". According to police reports and neighbor accounts, the reason the woman threatened to jump off the roof was because her boyfriend bought her a fake iPhone.


After a few hours of coaxing and negotiating police rescue personnel got in contact with the woman's boyfriend. When the boyfriend heard that she was going to jump, he immediately freaked out and headed for the roof. When the girl noticed that her boyfriend had arrived on the roof, she got off the ledge and grabbed a nearby brick attempting to use it to bash in his skull. Luckily for the boyfriend rescue personnel had subdued her before she could land a blow.

According to the neighbors, the whole affair began a few days ago when the young couple had an argument over a cell phone, in particularly the iPhone. Their next door neighbor, Cao, recounts that he heard the young woman screaming that she wanted an iPhone 4s, and that "All the other girls had one, I deserve one too".

Cao says that the next morning the young man went to work and returned at noon, and the young woman could be heard screaming in delight.

Her delight would be short lived.

After about an hour Cao said he heard crying and screaming again. Apparently the boyfriend had purchased her an iPhone and returned at noon to surprise her with it. Turns out, the phone was a fake. Getting furious that her boyfriend lied to her with a fake iPhone, she proceeded to the roof to "commit suicide" all the while shouting and screaming that her boyfriend was a liar and that life wasn't worth living.

The consensus among the neighbors of the young couple puts this all in a certain perspective, the boyfriend was wrong for lying and buying a bootleg iPhone but for the girlfriend to freak out and threaten suicide because she couldn't have one was just out right ridiculous and shallow.

Despite the situation working out, it falls in line with similar past incidents in China where youths showed a lack of judgement when it comes to dealing with fads such as the teen who sold his kidney for an iPad2 last year and more recently the young mother had her 4-year-old steal an iPhone.


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