Terrace House's Perfect Couple Are Now In PS4 Ads

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If Terrace House fans have been wondering what Shion and Tsubasa (aka the Greatest Love Story Of Our Time) have been up to since leaving the house, here is your answer: they’re making very long, strange PS4 commercials.


Done for Oricon—think Billboard, but for Japan—the videos are for a variety of PlayStation games and hardware, from VR to Detroit, and have the couple acting out relationship dramas that can be solved (or are caused by) video games.

Anyone hoping for more Shion and Tsubasa, only now very related to video games, is in luck! Anyone hoping for more of the natural spark that made them so fucking adorable on Terrace House, though, will want to be able to speak Japanese, since these vids aren’t subtitled.

There are a couple more vids here if your heart can take it.

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Disclaimer: I never watched the show.

Their first names... confused me a bit.

If anyone ever watched Japanese TV, Shion is usually a girl’s name and Tsubasa’s a boy’s. I guess you can say that both are rather unisex names, not exactly super masculine or super feminine ones.

I just find it interesting to see that Shion is a guy and Tsubasa is a girl here.

Okay, I'm rambling, I'll shut up now.