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Talking to Randy Hahn for yesterday's column about announcing NHL 2K10, I tested how deep his vocabulary runs in the game. I threw out a dozen hockey terms - some basic, others esoteric - and asked Hahn if he'd said them.


The scorecard? Only three didn't make it, and I half expected that two of them wouldn't anyway.


Here's the lingo, and Hahn's response. If you're not certain of their slang definitions, check out this page.

One-timer: "Of course."
Face Wash: "Yes, that's in there."
Kick-save: "And a beauty."
Burnt biscuit: "I believe so, yes."
Playoff beard: "Yes."
Sin Bin: "Yes."
Waffle: "Yes."
Zamboni: "Of course. It's essential."
Stoned: "Well, if you mean stopped a shot on goal, yes."
Garbage Goal: "No, we didn't do that. It's a little too negative."
Gong Show: "No. If we used that, then we'd need to get licensing from Chuck Barris, and he's dead. But I have said it on air before." [Actually, Barris is not dead, but he is a lung cancer survivor.]
Puck Bunny: "No. But I've met them."

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