Terminator Salvation Rains Death From Above

The only thing worse than unstoppable mechanical creatures hell-bent on humanity's extinction? Flying unstoppable mechanical creatures hell-bent on humanity's extinction.

After reading Crecente's preview of the game and seeing this and other trailers of the title in action, I lack the will to even come up with a satisfyingly witty "Gears of ____* remark. This looks like several other games I've already played, only not quite as good, to the extent that I get an overwhelming sense of déjà vu watching the vehicle turret portion of the trailer. It isn't that I've played games like this before. It feels as if I've already played this game in particular. It's uncanny. Or perhaps over-canny. I can't decide.


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Looks good to me. It's a third person shooter. It's third person..and you shoot.

Ticks all the boxes.

Seriously though, I've heard quite a few people make comments about the genericness of this game, and I don't understand it. Since when do we expect such revolutionary features and gameplay from bloody movie tie-in games.

I think we all get that the game uses similar mechanics to other games..but what game doesn't? (I'm sure a fellow Kotakuite would be kind enough to list some obscure japanese games for me.)

I just don't understand how people can be so judgemental on something they 1) haven't played and 2) know is going to be mediocre at best anyway.