Terminator Salvation: The Machinima series uses footage from Terminator Salvation the video game to tell the story of pilot Blair Williams and how she joined the resistance years before the events of the movie.

Actress Moon Bloodgood will voice Williams in the six-part series.

"From a film maker's point of view, Machinima provides an incredibly dynamic way to explore live worlds and tell compelling new stories," said McG, director of Terminator Salvation. "The process allows the writer and director to think cinematically, while at the same time executing certain things that would otherwise be cost-prohibitive or even impossible on a set."

The series is available on iTunes, Amazon Video on Demand, Xbox Live and Playstation Network for $3 an HD episode or $2 an SD episode. You can also sign up for a season pass for $15 for HD or $10 for SD.

"Working with The Halcyon Company's motion picture development team and having produced a high-octane, story driven action shooter videogame using Grin AB's cutting edge ‘Diesel' engine, we had an incredible basis to further explore stories set in the Terminator universe," said Cos Lazouras, president of Halcyon Games, creator of the "Terminator Salvation" videogame. "Re-purposing our game to produce the very first dramatic series in this medium is a fantastic innovation and will become the norm for game makers in the future."

The series kicks off in 2016 with Blair sent into downtown LA to find and destroy something called The Ghost.