After a brief pause to terrorize a poor actor in his kitchen set, Tera spokes-maniac Bas Rutten takes the message of action MMO combat on the road.

What surprises me most about this latest entry in the MMO-FO series of viral advertisements for En Masse Entertainment's upcoming MMO release? I didn't realize people in North America went to LAN centers to play MMOs. It seems like the least cost-efficient solution to participating in such a time-consuming activity.


I could see stopping by a LAN center to play a couple of rounds of Battlefield 3. Hurling insults when the other players can hear you is fun. But World of Warcraft? Lord of the Rings Online? I guess it happens; I just cannot fathom it.

That having been said, this was more than likely a staged event. The players seem real enough, but the setting doesn't quite work. At least Bas didn't have to break through any walls this time.

Hey, maybe that's what happened to the game's sky!


Are You an MMO-FO? [Tera]

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