Tera's Frightening Spokesman Continues to Terrorize Innocent Role-Players

Last week Tera's mixed martial arts master spokesman pitched the game's action-oriented combat to a room full of guild leaders from other massively multiplayer online games. This week he breaks into a player's house. Oh those MMO-FOs.


Last week's viral MMO-FO video from En Masse Entertainment at least featured some actual gamers. This week sees former MMA champ Bas Rutten revert to the same terror tactics he used in the campaign's first video, only instead of live-action role-players he's narrowed his focus to just this one guy. A simple actor who thought a solid brick wall was enough to save him from guerilla marketing. Well think again, actor! You should have read the script!

I got to play some Tera this weekend during the closed beta event, and I have to say the combat is certainly a different animal. The biggest difference between it and other MMO games is that you can complete an entire battle without every getting hit, even if you're a melee character. It's about dodging, jumping, rolling, or using skills to keep enemies at bay.

My priest character had several handy tools for making this happen, including an explosive fire blast that shot him backwards out of harm's reach while dealing damage to multiple enemies. It might be the most I've ever moved as a healer.

The rest of the game doesn't set itself apart quite so much. Click, quest, complete, more quests. I'll have more on that later.

Until then you might want to reinforce those walls.

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*That awkard moment when the koolaid man and MMO-FO shirt man bust through a wall at the same time*