Some people are out there chasing today’s eclipse outside, sometimes in a different state or country. Plenty of people are choosing to stay inside and watch the eclipse online, though, with the company of thousands of other strangers screaming into a ridiculous chat room.

As of this writing, 61,000 people are tuning in to NASA’s eclipse coverage on Twitch, which you can enjoy below:


While the announcers take their time to thoughtfully explain the science behind the eclipse and safe ways to view it, the chat is going wild. People love pretending that watching it through a computer monitor will somehow blind them. Others are treating the eclipse as some sort of supernatural event, or a fake conspiracy of sorts. You’ve got lots of people pretending the earth is flat, or alleging that the moon landing was fake in the chat. Plenty of messages are getting deleted too, and lord knows what they say. It’s...something else:


To view the chat first-hand, watch the Twitch stream here. Note that the stream goes between showing the actual eclipse and having scientists on-camera talking about it, but if you stick around, you’ll get to see the sun-obscuring goodness online.

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