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Some of these sound almost gratuitous - connect to two screens? Neah, never had a need for that. But TechRadar compiled a list of 10 tricks/hacks for you to extract more functionality out of your 360. Probably the most useful is No. 4 - how to play Xbox 360 games online for free, without any Live account at all. It involves setting up a free app that tricks the console into thinking the Internet is a LAN. It's said to work, with some limitations. There's also a hack that lets you use any HDMI cable you want, with a little work. There are also workarounds to allow you to play your porn any media file or video on the console. But the glitch (not really a hack) that allows you to play your own music in Xbox original games is kind of pointless. And you can connect your console to a wireless network without buying the overpriced WiFi bridge - you just have to dedicate a laptop to it, and last I checked, they usually cost a little more ... Either way, if you're bored and want to make your 360 roll over, beg, eat a doggie biscuit off your nose, it's something to bookmark. Ten Xbox 360 Tricks Microsoft Won't Tell You [Techradar]

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