Ten Things You Should Know About PlayStation Now

Announced earlier this week, Sony's PlayStation Now service will stream cloud-based games to Sony consoles, handhelds, TVs and more. PlayStation Access put together this lovely little primer covering the how, what and whens of PlayStation Now.


It's basically Onlive for PlayStation Games. Games are run on remote servers, accept remote input from the player's Dualshock controller. What the player sees is actually video of the game they are playing, streamed over the internet.

According to a post on the PlayStation Blog, the team developing the service estimates a 5 mbps connection will provide a good experience for players on most game. Might want to hook up a network cable to your PlayStation 3 or 4, just to be safe.

Hungry for more info? PlayStation.com has a page where users van sign up to be kept up-to-date on the latest PlayStation Now info.



Here's what I want to know about PS Now: Will PSN games be part of the library for streaming and games that I've purchased digitally and got through PS+ be part of it without me needing to pay again for them? Can the game discs I own be recognized on PS Now and be unlocked from the cloud as long as the game disc is in the drive? For example, if I put the Last of Us in a PS4 it should stream the game since it can see that I own it. But the only limitation would be that I couldn't stream it my Vita or other devices. It would make replacing my BC PS3 with a PS4 much easier in the future if it worked this way. Due to my current set up, I don't have any room for a PS4 without needing to sacrifice a console.

The other things I want to know but are further down the list: What will the price model be for buying a single game vs subscribing? I know it was briefly mentioned in the video but nothing solid to go on. How big will the library be for PS1-3 games? I know the current digital PS1 & 2 library is rather small.