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Ten Things You Might've Missed About The New Zelda Reveal

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Time for some trailer analysis! While we didn't get to see too much of the new Zelda, the short footage we saw was still jam-packed with small stuff that was easy to miss. I mean, let's be real, most of us were busy thinking about how amazing the grass looks now and such.

Thankfully, GameXplain has gone ahead and picked out all sorts of details from the trailer, including:

  • How time of day/day cycles might work
  • Small details in the initial footage, like villagers/villages, goat herders, pillars, windmill weather vanes, lookout points, lakes, forests (and what they might contain)
  • How we might've already seen our first temple and Hyrule castle itself in the distance, as well as Death Mountain
  • How it seems like there are destructible environments
  • What we can learn about the big monster that attacks Link
  • Inevitably, there's stuff here about how Link might be a girl, or at the very least not Link at all.
  • What the footage potentially tells us about Link's origin in this game
  • How you might have special horse moves, and how the horse might carry inventory
  • What we can tell about this world's seemingly futuristic tech
  • How the game seems like it takes some inspiration from Princess Mononoke (!) - so they theorize that perhaps Link also end up exiled and cutting off his ponytail.

The last point is obviously blatant speculating but they make a pretty good case for it. If nothing else, I'm certainly impressed by all the things they pick up on here. Eagle eyes!

Zelda Wii U - Trailer Analysis (Secrets & Hidden Details) [GameXplain]