Besiege is a game where you construct catapults, trebuchets and other siege engines. But since it's a physics-based game, the best and funniest creations—weight benches, Metal Gears, doomsday bikes—are far from any medieval construct.

As you can see above ManwithNoname not just built a skinny guy lifting weights, but an entire weight bench.

Planetaska's bikes would also look weird in a medieval battle.

Evan Smith's automatic siege weapon shoots giant wooden telephone poles.

Aplugandapieceofpaper thought he was playing Kerbal Space Program.

While DEElekgolo thought he's in the Metal Gear universe.

This other Metal Gear however wasn't that solid.

PlanetShowsGames has a tank. It's not very efficient, but still impressive for medieval warfare.

Taras Kokolski's horse-catapult hybrid is simply just cute.

And finally, Optimus Prime by Scantyhalo!

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