Ten Minutes of Glorious Ace Combat: Assault Horizon Helicopter Action

After being sorely disappointed by the helicopter combat of Apache Air Assault last year, it's nice to see there's still some hope for the well-armed whirlybird enthusiast in Ace Combat: Assault Horizon.

One thing becomes crystal clear while watching this video: This is not a realistic helicopter simulation. Apaches do not roll like that at low speeds. Not unless there's electric guitar music in the background.


Not that I'm complaining. If I wanted realism I'd have become a pilot. I just want to shoot things while hovering. Looks like Assault Horizon has me covered.

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As a huge Ace Combat fan, i must say i appreciate some of the things they've included in this series. I enjoyed the dogfights even though they were a little too simple. I enjoyed seeing the hull of the enemy fight i just blew up fall apart in the sky. I liked weaving through the buildings. Although ground textures still suck, but oh well.

I also liked the helicopter section and thought it was a nice change of pace. At first i thought the controls were horrible, but about have way through the demo i got the hang of them and was rotating around with ease. The only thing i didn't like was when an enemy would have a lock on, when i attempted to do a barrel roll (which i had no idea choppers could do) 80% of the time i just ended up shooting my rockets instead.

Although i still hate the fact that this Ace Combat takes place in the real world. Give me back gracemeria god dammit. If i wanted the boring real world, i'd play tom clancys hawks.

Also i laugh at everyone complaining about the games "arcade controls". Clearly you have never played an ace combat game before. Also, im sure you can change the controls in the options menu once the game ships