Helicopter Combat Game? Yes Please!

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It's been awhile since I've played a decent helicopter combat game, and there's no telling whether this will be decent, but Apache: Air Assault will most definitely be all about helicopters shooting it up.

Apache: Air Assault is being developed by Gaijin Entertainment, makers of Wings of Luftwaffe and IL-2 Sturmovik: Birds of Prey, for the PS3 and Xbox 360 for release this autumn, according to Activision.

The game will include more than 16 multi-stage missions with both air and ground operations set off the coast of Africa, the mountains of the Middle East and the jungles of Central America, according to the release.


"No games on next-gen consoles have been dedicated to helicopter combat simulation, but that is about to change this autumn", said David Oxford, Activision Publishing. "Apache: Air Assault offers fun for diehard military enthusiasts and flight sim fans as well as gamers who just want to blow stuff up."

The game will include an arcade mode with easier controls, a realistic mode with more complex controls and a local co-op campaign mode. There will also be support for online multiplayer matches of Team Deathmatch, Ground Attack, Capture the LZ, and Ground Strike.

The one thing that gives me pause about this game is that the last Apache Air Assault to come out of Activision was a "value" game, often code for crap. Let's hope this isn't one of those.

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Hmm... Since comanche 4 I have'nt found a single "choppa" game that im interested in.

I also happen to find the dual analog controller not as fun as a decent joystick (for air combat i mean).

But lets give this thing a chance, if is "arcadish" then its ok with me, just dont pretend is a sim if its not, all you'll do is screw things up.