Tell Us Dammit: Have You Ever Lied About Playing a Game?

Whoops! Hey, we missed TUD on Friday because of all the hoorah with GC 2008, so looks like I am the temporary caretaker of the giraffe this weekend. I got a question you can answer one of two ways. Or two questions and you can answer one. Or both. Who cares, here it goes. So I'm hideous about staying current with popular culture. Lots of times people will ask me if I've seen a movie, or if I watch the latest HBO Original drama that everyone's raving about. (I never saw Borat. I don't watch Entourage.) And I'd rather avoid the horrified expressions and fulminating evangelism, so I make a non-committal statement in the affirmative and then dodge my way out of the conversation. But last week, I had to admit I've never played Halo 3. (Well, never played it in multiplayer. I played it a little in singleplayer mode.) I felt like I had no good reason for that, especially as a games blogger, but that was a choice made before I came to Kotaku. So that leads us to today's TUD: Have you ever bought and not played a video game because of peer pressure? and/or Have you ever told someone you played a game even when you hadn't, for any reason? I'm especially curious about the second one. And for the record, I do have Halo 3. I bought it late last year when I was too busy for gaming. I'm working on that one.


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