Today, leaked photos of Tekken 7: Fated Retribution, the upcoming arcade update, circulated online in South Korea as well as online in the West.

As tipster Sang points out, one of the photos was tweeted to Katsuhiro Harada, with the Twitter user writing that the image was circulating in South Korea.

Harada, who oversees Tekken, replied:


“Before we export [a game], we have to submit the data to a ratings board that’s connected to the South Korea government. However, what actually happens is that every time even though it’s confidential information, the ratings board leaks info to the media.” Harada added,“This ratings board is the worst.”

The word Harada actually uses is “saitei” (最低) which can also mean “the lowest” as well as “disgusting.” While the country’s review board infamously publishes game info early on its official site (the board first revealed that Gravity Rush was heading to the PS4, for example), the leak’s source doesn’t appear to be known, and Harada could be jumping to conclusions. He has since deleted the above tweet, writing that by replying to the above tweet with the image, he was helping to circulate it online.


[Image: Ruliweb via Avoiding the Puddle | NeoGAF]

Note the Korean subtitles.

As Tekken fan site Avoiding the Puddle (via NeoGAF) points out, the images did originate in a now deleted Ruliweb internet thread in South Korea. The images mostly depict the characters’ default outfits, some of which are utterly hideous. In light of the leak, the official Tekken site released screenshots of the leaked character outfits (below).



It’s difficult to tell who leaked what here. But obviously Harada is upset at the board for leaking info in the past. Maybe if the South Korean game review board agrees not to leak anymore, Namco Bandai can agree to ease up on the straps.


Top image via Namco Bandai

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