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Tekken 7's PlayStation VR Mode Is Queasy And Unnecessary

Tekken 7's PlayStation VR component isn’t so much a game mode as it is interactive theater. It’s got no health bars, simplified controls and a high probability of making your stomach churn.


What you see in the video above is what you get. Pick two characters, enter the virtual reality stage and beat each other up until you’re sick of it, which likely won’t take too long. Players can either practice against a stationary opponent or fight against the AI. With the shoulder buttons handling meager camera options instead of normal game functions, it’s pretty easy to randomly swap the view, which is not good for the tum-tum. That’s right, I said tum-tum.

Very basic.
Very basic.

If the VR mode had more options—maybe a freeze frame with photo options and the ability to move the camera freely—this might have been a neat little addition. Instead, it’s just a little bit of stomach-churning fluffery to remind PlayStation VR owners that they own PlayStation VR.

Look for our full Tekken 7 review early next week, after we’ve had some time to battle online.

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Yeah, a model viewer where you could get closer to the characters and freeze frame during moves would be cooler since at least you could be like face to face with them. Also, why the Hell does the damn camera keep jittering which each hit? Are they trying to make you vomit? It definitely doesn’t look like the PSVR wobbliness that comes with poor tracking.