TegraZone Looks So Much Sexier in Windows RT

I'm so used to writing about Tegra-powered Android devices that I'd completely overlooked Windows tablets and laptops powered by Nvidia's game-enhancing mobile processor. The blocky Windows RT TegraZone app is here to remind me.

Along with adopting Microsoft's deep abiding love for squares and rectangles, the TegraZone app of Windows RT collects a number of games enhanced for play with the quad core Tegra 3 processor in one easy-to-navigate app. Judge Dredd vs Zombies, Pinball FX 2, Reckless Racing Ultimate, Riptide GP, Soulcraft, Space Ark, Sprinkle and Vendetta Online and more are available for purchase and play within the TegraZone, making it an excellent place for new Windows RT device owners to find game that push their fresh tech to its limits.


It's also an indicator that I'm going to have to add a Windows RT tablet to my arsenal to keep up with this growing segment of the mobile gaming scene. Thanks a lot, Nvidia.

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