Teenagers Spent Almost Two Years Making Unicorn Gundam Out Of Cardboard

The anime version of Unicorn Gundam.
The anime version of Unicorn Gundam.
Screenshot: Lavapasta
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High school students in Japan decided to bring the RX-O Unicorn Gundam to life.

The statue is for the school’s cultural arts festival. Twitter user Tosshii and some classmates worked together on the creation, which took about two years to finish.

Here is the front:


And the back:

As Kotaku previously reported, Bandai Namco built a life-size Gundam Unicorn in Tokyo’s Odaiba.

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PanchoVilleneuve ST

I’m gonna go super-mega-nerd and say fuck Gundam, the designs are terrible, and in a just world the most popular mecha model kits would be Maschinen Krieger.

Kow Yokoyama understands that the way to make your fake sci-fi military supertechnology believable is to make it look kinda wonky and ugly and not HEY LOOK AT HOW COOL THIS IS IT’S LIKE A ROBOT SAMURAI FROM OUTER SPACE because it sells the idea that it’s form following function and that it looks that way because it has to because there was no other place to put the parts that make it work.