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Early this past March in China's Gushi County, 14 year-old Xiao Qiang told seven year-old Xiao Hua she could play games on his mobile phone. He lured her into a room in an abandoned shoe factory. There, he proceeded to sexually assault her.

After raping Xiao Hua, the boy continued to bully and abuse her until the girl told her parents, who went looking for the teenager and reported the crime.

Xiao Qiang and Xiao Hua are not related, and those are not their real names; due to their ages, the Chinese courts did not use their legal names in the court documents.

Yesterday, the 14 year-old was sentenced to one year of "limited imprisonment", because he had a clean record and he is a minor. "Limited imprisonment" means that he will be reformed and released as opposed to China's other prison sentence: life without parole.


14岁少年以玩手机游戏为饵奸淫7岁幼女 [Sina]

Eric Jou contributed to this report.

(Top photo: Evlakhov Valeriy | Shutterstock)