Teenage Fortnite Pro Suspended From Twitch For Streaming With Banned Player

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Fortnite pro Cody “Clix” Conrod has received a seven-day suspension from Twitch after he streamed on Monday alongside Zayn, a player who has been permanently banned from the service.


It’s the second time this month a player has been punished for even associating with Zayn, after another Fortnite pro, Khanada, got a three-day suspension last week.


Zayn has been banned because, after himself being suspended for a different offense, he was caught creating a second account from which he just kept on streaming.

Clix and Khanada’s suspensions, meanwhile, are because it’s against Twitch’s rules to have a banned streamer anywhere near your own broadcast, so their similar excuses—that he was muted—weren’t good enough for Twitch.

It’s been a rough month for Conrod; a few weeks back his home was swatted while he was in the middle of a stream.

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How does one get a longer ban than the other? It’s pretty simple. Obviously 3 days wasn’t enough for people to learn a lesson so they upped the ante.