Teenage Boy Charged With Killing His Father With Sledgehammer

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Near Russia's Black Sea, a 14-year-old boy has been charged with killing his father after a row over computer games. After the killing, he then played said computer games for several hours.


The boy is currently being held in a pre-trial detention center. He has no criminal record.

According to regional investigators, on April 12 at 1:00am local time, the boy struck his sleeping father with a sledgehammer at least twice, killing him. Earlier, the parents had taken away their son's computer keyboard to punish him for spending the entire week playing computer games.


In the period following the attack, the uninjured mother then gave the keyboard to her son, who then played computer games until he fell asleep. The mother then contacted relatives, who in turn contacted the authorities.

Under Russian law, the 14-year-old boy is old enough to be charged with murder.

Boy kills dad with sledgehammer after banned from playing computer games [News.com.au Thanks, shevez!] [Pic]

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I wonder what these mentally insane people used to play before videogames were invented...