Tecmo Thinks It's Making Games That Appeal To Women Now

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You may not think off Tecmo as a company that's targeting the fairer sex with much of its line-up, but Quantum Theory producer Yasuo Egawa says that is exactly what the publisher has been doing for the past few years.


Egawa tells Edge that Tecmo wants to offer the female gamer something that's not just a shooter with "big, sweaty men," one of the reasons third-person shooter Quantum Theory features the AI-controlled co-op partner Filena, a "softer character" in the producer's words. A softer character that players can throw at enemies, by the way.

To Egawa's credit, I can see recent and upcoming releases like Again, Fret Nice and Monster Rancher reaching out to a broader, less horny for virtual T&A audience than, say, Dead or Alive Paradise or Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2. But if Tecmo is banking on Quantum Theory to appeal broadly, I think their aim might be a bit off.


Tecmo: Quantum Theory Can Be Our ‘Third Pillar' [Edge]

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tecmo kind of reminds me of totilos article on "outgrowing" mario.

i just played through ninja gaiden sigma II (loved it), but man the oversized boobs and scantily clad women was really ridiculous. playing a game that is all about boobs and violence (although i found myself getting giddy over the platforming sections and the different locations) made me feel a bit immature at 27.