Tecmo Slaps Itagaki With 4 Point Gag-Order

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And the Itagaki vs. Tecmo legal battle continues! On June 10th, Tecmo filed with the Tokyo District Court for a "gag-order" against former employee and Dead or Alive creator Tomonobu Itagaki before the court case begins. The provisional disposition includes the following four points, prohibiting:

• Disclosing or leaking information regarding Tecmo's game software, sales, development or any other company secrets

• Using newspapers, magazines and the internet to criticize company software and company employees

• Obstructing the company's business through slanderous remarks to third parties

• Do not accept interviews regarding Tecmo or talk to the press about the company


This gag-order certainly seems in response to the statement Itagaki released to Kotaku and other outlets.


テクモ、板垣氏に対して仮処分を申請 [IT Media] [Pic]

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Tecmo seems pretty screwed there. Even if they would win their case, their main problems still exists:

Itagaki sues them and no matter if he wins or not is probably out of the office.

As recent news also showd now 3 other Tecmo employees prepare a class action law suit in the name of 300 Tecmo employees (which is pretty much the majority of the entire Tecmo staff).

So yeah, what is Tecmo with all its staff gone?

In these days of one major publisher buying the other as if it was about trading cows people seem to forget that despite all those high brow terms like IP, brand, franchise ,[insertSuperiorEngineNameX] etc, at the end game development is still a creative process and its people who make the games.

Loose all your staff and your best "IP"s and brandnames aren´t worth a lot anymore.

Sure they could hire an entire new staff but

A) I can´t think of many reknowned experienced people being into working there after all the recent fuzz about people not getting paid promised sums

B) Fans of any "franchise" would be highly doubtful that with a totally exchanged staff their belowed franchise is brought further in any good way in the future (and they would be right in thinking so).

In my eyes Tecmo would do best in forgetting about filing a lawsuit and instead they should better pay Itagaki and the rest of the staff and try to get a peaceful solution going which makes them not loose most of their crew.