Tecmo Puts Boobs On A Wall To Sell Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2

.html One might think that having tits as big as your head would be a hindrance in pursuing the ninja arts, an assumption proven wrong by Ninja Gaiden's Team Ninja, who loves giant boobs. So why not promote 'em?

Looks like Tecmo of Japan is doing that very thing, throwing a pair of double Ds on a construction wall, illustrating one of the hurdles that the more voluptuous ninja might have to deal with during stealth missions. Yes, this is apparently an ad for Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2, due to up the massive jugs factor on the PlayStation 3 any day now.


That CERO "D" rating is just a happy coincidence.

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how does this sell ninja gaiden?????

all it seems to do is expose perverts. that one guy almost broke away from his gf there to rub the fake boobs on the wall. wtf is wrong with people.