Tecmo Japan Wants Journalists To Be Fair, Understanding

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As previously posted, Tecmo issued a press release calling out the foreign media for that rumored talk of some three dozen Team Ninja member Tecmo exodus. The Japanese press release released today is slightly different and has been "localized" so to speak. [Note: A previous press release Tecmo USA released didn't have mention of Itagaki's "sexual harassment suit" while the Japanese was quick to point it out.] Today's press release is the second one Tecmo Japan has released in the last two days that addresses the mass exodus rumors. Yesterday's was a two sentence affair stating that the Western media rumor was not true. Today, which you've already read the English version of, is slightly longer and quite humble. Hit the jump for that:

Game developer Tecmo has a request for journalists.

Sections of the Western media are running a rumor that large numbers of our staff plan on leaving the company over salary issues, and it is regrettable that this inaccurate news is being propagated, fueling uneasiness among our developers.

We Tecmo are currently focused on bringing high quality products to our customers. Doing our best to concentrate under the circumstances, we hope to bring more enjoyable products to the marketplace.

We have exciting announcements regarding game launches planned for the future. Understanding of the work we are doing and consideration of fairness is asked regarding the treatment of unconfirmed information, as well as how it affects the actual staff. We thank everyone for their understanding.

Recent Press Releases [Tecmo]

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Oh, oh! I learned this in my logic class! This is a classic fallacy known as...Red Herring! :D Meaning, Tecmo first brings the issue at hand, then changes the subject to something else and concludes with something not entirely related to the issue.

Tecmo fails at trying to sway local journalists about why they should not trust these rumors. :( Even without knowing the label, one would notice something is amiss in that argument. If the journalists there catches on as well, then they'll know something is up, and possibly try to dig for it.

All in all, Tecmo would probably look a lot less trusting than the rumors themselves.