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NBA Unrivaled will be a new option for players looking for an NBA video game alternative.


A bottom-of-the-press-release surprise from Tecmo today was the news that the publisher is backing an NBA game, NBA Unrivaled for PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade later this year.

Tecmo joins a field currently occupied by EA and Take Two's NBA Live and NBA 2K series, respectively, though only Tecmo's game is announced as download-only.


NBA Unrivaled is said in Tecmo's press release to feature a "contemporary retro design" as well as full NBA team licenses and player rosters. The game supports two players competing head to head or against the computer. It also features a momentum bar that rewards players who perform in a crowd-pleasing manner.

We would have screenshots for you, but Tecmo bundled them in a 2GB file. So expect them later. Much later.

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