Tecmo Employees Sue Tecmo (Tecmo Seems Fucked)

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First Dead or Alive creator Tomonobu Itagaki sues former employer Tecmo, now this. On June 16th, two Tecmo employees filed suit with the Tokyo District Court for unpaid wages, demanding 8.3 million yen (US$77,000) in payment. According to the suit, the workers were illegally placed on a "flexible hours" work scheme, starting four years ago. From that point, overtime wasn't paid, apparently. The plaintiffs represent all 300 Tecmo employees and contest that because of this dubious employment structure, overtime for the employees exceeded over 100 hours per month in unpaid overtime. Tecmo developer Hiroaki Ozawa is one of the plaintiffs in the case, and since February has headed up the "Tecmo Labor Union". The suit even claims that Tecmo has created false documents and has covered up accounting documents. Officials are looking into whether Tecmo has violated labor laws. Things look bad for Tecmo. Very, very bad.


テクモ社員、残業代求め提訴 [jiji via my game news flash]

テクモ労働組合の執行役員2名が未払賃金を求めて提訴 [Game Watch Impress]



@Foxstar Sixtail: In Japan? No. Have you not learned yet that Japan works differently than the USA?

A hint: you do not sue your employer in Japan and expect to work again. That is the way it is.

Look at it this way. You submit your resume to a company, they ask you why you left your last job. "I sued the company for unpaid overtime." In what way would that make the interviewing company look at you and say "well, hell, you're hired!"

Companies want people who will do whatever they say and not cause any trouble. That's true everywhere, but it's even more true in Japan, where societal expectations are that you do not rock the boat.

btw, everybody in this thread is linking this to Itagaki for some reason. It. Has. Nothing. To. Do. With. Him.

The post above says nothing about Team Ninja and only mentions Itagaki in a "can it get any worse for Tecmo?" kind of way. This is a totally unrelated action that, if it's 300 employees, would cross over to pretty much every dev team.

Obviously, Tecmo seems like a shitty company to work for. Welcome to the video game industry.